Intro to John Mayer’s ice bucket challenge video [x]

AU: John Mayer talks about his obsession with flower crowns.

John Mayer on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hey, quick ?.. Where did the "so much wasted in the afternoon. So much sacred in the month of June. How bout you?" "The fuck does that mean" gif set come from? — Anonymous

Search “John Mayer MSM interview” on youtube and you’ll find it

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John Mayer performing 'Who Says' live at 96.5 TIC's Acoustic Cafe.



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this might seem extremelyyyy stupid, buy is there a way to save gifs like on my photos? i hit the save button but it only saves a picture of the gif; not the actual moving part.. — nosuch-thingg

i’m not really sure what you mean…

but if you mean that you save a gif but only see it as a frozen image in your photos, that’s because gifs can only be viewed through a browser :)

My list of 25 flawless men forever: #2 John Mayer

“Born and Raised was the song that showed me that if you’re honest, if you’re a little braver than you want to be, it can pay off.”

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Sometimes it feels like my life is just one long day.

follow me back? — 6six-feet-under-the-stars

i’m sorry but this is a side blog, so i can’t follow anyone back.

"Wherever you go, wherever you are, I watch your life play out in pictures from afar…"